Casting Off

So. It has been a long day, my friends! To start the day off, Mum and I celebrated her birthday by eating raisin toast at the diner. Then, we said our goodbyes and I went home and finished packing. Ross drove me to Detroit. (I slept the entire way.) Everything was going well and I breezed through security and arrived at my gate in the McNamara Terminal.

                               Ah, how coffee soothes the soul

After ambling about the concourse, I ate at Chili’s- then spent some time at Starbucks sampling some delectable coffees. In my previous post, I mentioned the delightful conversation I got into with the barista and a stranger-turned-friend. Truly a great way to start my vacation!

At 3 pm, my flight to Toronto was scheduled to depart. Except we couldn’t leave the ground. Due to extreme winds, there were too many planes in a holding pattern over Toronto for us to begin our flight. So began the 2 hour wait until our next flight was able to leave. In the meantime, I missed my connection to Calgary. But the time swiftly passed and soon we were airborne. A short flight later, we landed in Toronto. 

                           Stellar views from 23,000 feet

Toronto was hectic! I had been warned that it was a very confusing environment and I’m so glad I took an hour and a half layover instead of the original 40 minutes. I was briefly detained at no less than 3 customs checkpoints and had to go through a bit of paperwork because I missed my first flight to Calgary. Everything got sorted out without too much stress and I was famished by that point. I stopped by Timmy’s, grabbed a smoothie, and drank it whilst en route to my gate. I got there just as the last people were boarding! A little too close for comfort.

As I write this, I’m laying on my hotel bed; Chey and I are talking. Oh how I’ve missed her! After we collected my luggage (which arrived in record time) we drove to our hotel in Airdrie. Tomorrow, we journey into Banff to board. It’s going to be spectacular; I can feel it. Ciao!

We may not always know where we are supposed to go, but we always end up where we need to be. 


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