Baker City, Saturday

Alas, there was no sleeping in this morning. We departed Pincher Creek around 5:45 am and braved the Crowsnest Pass in the dark. It was good roads and we made it through BC and the US border with no problems. Cheyenne drove while I slept; we stopped in the Tri Cities where we ate at Panda Express and switched drivers. A little rain started to fall a little later in the day, so we stopped at Dutch Bros in La Grande for a break. The last 30 minutes were the longest! You know how close you are to your destination and time can’t move fast enough. We pulled into Toby and Veronica’s house around 3:30 pm.

Dillon having a little too much fun

Dillon, Toby, and Trenton were up Marble Creek with their snowmobiles  (sleds) and they met me at the trailhead. We flew up the side of the mountain and arrived at a very decent clearing. There was a good landing with a clear line to drop down into a small valley. The obvious highlight was a nice sized hill that doubled as a perfect kicker (jump), landing and all. The first 3 tries didn’t go well, as the kicker was larger than anything I’d previously attempted. I did a couple more runs with Dillon taking me up to the top with his sled. I managed to get a bit more control over the actual jump and although none of the landings were perfect, I was very content with my progress. Dillon and Toby took their sleds back a bit further into the hills while Trenton took my board up and made a few runs himself. All too soon, darkness descended and we had to return to the base- reluctantly, I might add.
We finished up the day with supper at Toby’s, then traversed to Dillon and Renae’s home for the remainder of the evening and night. They have the coolest house ever! Totally my style…


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