Pincher Creek

We arrived at Pincher Creek late Thursday evening and stayed at the teacher house for night. The next morning, as per usual, I overslept my alarm so I got up 30 minutes late. While I got ready, Chey drove to Timmy’s and got coffees and Timbits for breakfast.

Chey’s class had a CE service for devotions, so I got to meet some of the mums that came to listen. Her class is so cute! At that point, I was still planning on journeying on to Fernie; I went to town and brought back a my gear and a lunch for Chey. When I arrived back at school, I made a decision that surprised even myself. 

Now Fernie, BC, is home to the legendary “5 bowls of powder”. Nestled in a quaint valley, the resort is sheltered from most prevailing winds from the west. The result: some incredible powder. I had been following the weather forecast, snow reports, and live streaming cameras on the resort’s site, but it was all sub par news. The weather was holding steady with low visibility, above freezing temperatures, and a chance of freezing rain into the late afternoon. After boarding in nearly identical conditions at Sunshine Village, I didn’t think I could withstand another day in such claustrophobic weather. So yes, I actually voluntarily gave up a day of boarding. 

Instead, I got to do art with Cheyenne’s class and later, went for coffee with my cousin. We had supper at Ted and Dawn’s with Jerrys, Justins, and some youth kids. Excellent evening although it was over far too soon.

Because after all, is not family our most important choice?


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