Anthony Lakes, OR

                 View from top of Anthony Lakes Ski Resort

This morning dawned cloudy and cool with a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. Dillon left early for work and Chey and I left around 9:15 am for Anthony Lakes Ski. Chey planned to continue on toward Pincher Creek after dropping me off at Anthony Lakes. Renae decided to stay home for the day and meet up with us later.

We departed for the Lakes after much consternation (aka, we got stuck) and continued up into the mountains. About 2/3 the way up, the road turned into a sheet of ice. We were unable to keep driving, so Chey pulled over and a vehical pulled up next to us. The two people in the front seat asked if we had chains and we said no, but could I possibly ride up to the resort with them? They were more than happy to oblige so I grabbed my gear and loaded it into their Toyota Tacoma. I found myself sharing the small backseat with a moody child and a large, rather boisterous dog named Quince. They talked nonstop and we bonded over a mutual resort- Wolf Creek! It’s amazing how small of a world it really is. 

Anthony Lakes Ski Resort itself is quite large, the single lift serving serving over 1,000 acres of steep groomers, rolling off piste meadows, and some truly pristine glades. I immersed myself in a particular run that started out steep and deep with a bit of a drop, then through trees with a traverse over a trail and into more trees. I spent a good share of the day following that route. 

           The red highlighted trail is where I spent my day.

Thankfully, the conditions were much improved over Sunshine. There was 8 inches of fresh powder and the clouds parted later in the day to reveal the sun. Due to high winds, we were forced to take chairs in triples and later, in doubles. The people were so friendly and the resort had a very family oriented feel to it. I had some very interesting conversations with the ski patrol and all too soon, the lift was shutting down. Dillon picked me up on his way home from work and we drove into Baker for supper at Piazano’s Pizza where we met Toby’s and Renae. We topped the day off with chocolate cake at Toby’s- the perfect finish to a perfect day.
You can’t respect your board and expect to excel, you have to ride it like you stole it. -ds


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