Baker City, Sunday

Church at Baker City was an interesting affair. Dillon (yes, my brother Dillon) is Sunday school superintendent so we got to listen to his inspiration. He also led Sunday school while Renae taught the children’s class. They called the sermon in from West Valley, California and not kidding, it lasted 10 minutes. We ate at Dillon’s for lunch and what a fabulous lunch it was. Grilled chicken with white BBQ, garlic parmesan potatoes, whole grain rolls with jam or Canadian honey, and delectable Rolo cookies for dessert. 

During the afternoon, it started to snow. Large, soft flakes gently settled on the towering trees and not a breath of wind disturbed them. We napped for a short while and then, as darkness was falling, we left for Baker. After sampling some lovely coffee drinks at Sorbenot’s, we made our way back up to Toby’s. The teachers came after church and we had a very merry evening around the fire. So ended another day on my Odyssey.


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