Nervous Anticipation 

I must say, we are an enthusiastic lot.

Well, like it or not, the first leg of my Odyssey is completed and my, what an adventure! I have had the privilege of spending time with dear family and friends, experiencing world class snowboarding, hitchhiking, and partaking of some truly delectable food.

As I write, I am sitting on the floor near gate B 17 at Boise Airport, clinging to the power outlet like a lifeline. We begin boarding in 10 minutes and I don’t like to admit this, but I am nervous. Catching a shuttle into Breckenridge from Denver, checking into my Bed & Breakfast/Inn, learning to navigate the Breckenridge Free Ride bus system, and learning the layout of 2 completely new resorts looks daunting to say the least. Nonetheless, an adventure is in store, me thinks. Alas, my group is boarding- see you all on the ground in Denver.


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