Apparently, I worried in vain.

First views of the Rockies

I landed safely in Denver with a little turbulence over the Rockies. After claiming my suitcase and board bag from claim 7, I checked in at the Colorado Mountain Express shuttle counter. They put me on standby for the 5:30 PM shuttle, but thankfully, I was checked in for the original 6:45 shuttle instead. I wrestled my bags up to Panda Express, ordered some food stuffs, then searched in vain for an available power outlet. I finally found an empty seat and proceeded to devour my chow mein and grilled chicken (both quite fabulous, I might add.)

Our shuttle departed 10 minutes late from Denver International Airport and soon we were winding our way through the mountain passes. Through the Eisenhower Tunnel, Silverthorne, Keystone, and Frisco we drove. A rush of nostalgia filled my heart as we drove past the Rec Center and Airport Road- suddenly, all anxiety was gone and I felt as though I was returning home.

Our shuttle from Denver to Breckenridge

Our driver, Todd, dropped all but 2 of us off in Frisco and soon my seatmate and I struck up a conversation. Michael was from Columbus, OH, and was completely new to the mountain/ skiing/ snowboarding scene. He had skied once-17 years ago, and was on his was to meet his friends for a bachelor party here in Breck. We stopped briefly at City Market for some basic groceries for Michael (apparently, his friends were surviving solely on Hot Cheetos and alcohol) and for some shampoo for me. Soon, we were on our way to drop me off at the Fireside Inn.

Pretty self explanatory-the mud room

I used a keypad to gain entry to the Inn and stepped through the door into a mud room lined with skiing and boarding paraphernalia. Just my style! I shepherded my luggage into the dining room where I found my information packet. Inside were my room keys and a welcome letter that provided a little more info on policies and such.

Home sweet home- bed 5 C

I made my way to room 5 bed C-which turned out to be a rather comfortable (albiet, small) dorm room with 3 twin beds. I unpacked the necessities and went in search of the bathroom, where I later showered. When I got back, I met one of my fellow roomies- a 50 year old woman named Sylvia from Chicago. As I write, my eyes grow tired and I must sleep for tomorrow is a full day of riding at Keystone. Goodnight from Breckenridge and I will continue this Odyssey on the morrow.


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