Breakfast and the Free Ride 

IT’S A POWDER DAY. Yes, you read that right! On to other news…I met my other roomie just before I fell asleep last night. I honestly don’t remember her name; she was around 60 years old I’m guessing. She also snored loudly all night. That being said, my bed was rather comfortable and I was quite reluctant to leave it this morning. At 7 I awoke and took possession of a bathroom before the rush at 8 AM. My hosts, Andy and Nikki, are the neatest people ever, also very British (would you like coffee, love?). I checked in this morning and had a fabulous parfait for breakfast along with coffee and orange juice.

The quaint dining room

I met a couple of other guests and they all seemed fairly normal, no hostile tendencies noted (not that I was worried.) After breakfast I hurriedly gathered my gear and took off for Breck station where I would catch the Swan Mountain Flyer to Keystone. A couple of wrong turns later, I arrived in time to catch the 8:20 AM bus. By the time I arrived, I was covered head to toe with snow. What a great feeling! Currently, I am passing the Breckenridge Golf Course…I have a good feeling about today-Madison, over and out.


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