Recuperation, Saturday 

The sun rose before 7 AM this morning, and along with it came the sounds of a new day. Thankfully, my head had mostly recovered, although I was feeling a bit exhausted yet. I decided to stay close to home and take it easy whilst catching up on laundry, sleep, and inventory of my gear. In addition, I needed to wax my board in preparation for Monday’s trek to Wolf Creek. Nada and I visited for a while and caught up on each other’s lives while Mike and the boys headed to hockey. 

Around 2:30 PM, I drove into Monte Vista to resupply my dwindling cosmetics and to make a quick stop at the Sunflour Café (my former place of employment). Rhoda and Mark were both there when I arrived. It was so good to reconnect with them! After a delectable slice of White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, I got to tour the renovated kitchen. It did make me quite lonesome, I’ll admit. 
When I returned home, I began the process of waxing mine and Mike’s snowboards. I applied the wax to the boards and ironed it in, repairing damage as I went. To let the wax bond to the base of the boards, I would allow them to sit overnight.

Mark, Rhoda, and Alyssa, joined us for a fantastic meal of disco and various toppings, an apple salad, and brownies with chocolate sauce and ice cream. We sat around the table enjoying each other’s company while the conversation flowed freely. 

There was to be a pallet fire later in the evening with the Center youth. So after darkness had fallen over the valley, Alyssa and I left for school where we met up with the rest of the youth. We piled into various trucks and soon thereafter, departed for the foothills. A thin layer of clouds obscured the stars from view, as we wound along the twisting roads that soon shrank into a 2 wheel track. Higher and higher on the hillside the vehicals climbed until at last, we arrived in a sheltered cove. The boys made quick work of unloading the pallets and setting them ablaze, the heat soon pushing back the cold air. A few of us hiked up to the ridge surrounding the cove and settled in amongst the rocks, content to watch the fire from above. The valley lay to our left-yardlights glittering like fallen stars in the indigo night. All too soon, we returned to school-only to scatter like thieves in the night.

 And thus, another day passed.


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