Another day in Paradise, Sunday

The Sangre De Cristos (aka the East Range)

Breakfast today consisted of delicious “lil smokies”, fresh blueberry muffins, coffee, and juice-followed by a dash to prepare for church. At church, we listened to an excellent message by Delbert, followed by a hearty lunch of lasagna, garlic toast, salad, and fresh strawberries over brownies and ice cream. A brief food coma ensued and before long, the boys’ energy had returned. I finished scraping down the snowboards and did a little tuning on mine. Gary Dirks had a mission report on Belize for the evening service and then the youth elected to go to Frank’s for the evening. 

So much has happened in the week since my Baker City post! 

The obvious things:

  • Anthony Lakes
  • Visiting Uncle Marshall’s
  • KAT boarding at Keystone
  • A Basin- Land of the Giants
  • The hostel
  • Breckenridge 
  • Center, Colorado 

The not so obvious:

  • Getting out of my comfort zone 
  • Being terrified on the mountain-especially at A Basin
  • Meeting some lovely people
  • Enjoying the solitude
  • Thinking through life 

Native Americans of old used to embark on vision quests to find their symbolic spirit animals and to find direction for their lives. These quests would last for days of fasting, reflection, and deep meditation. In a way, I feel as though I am on my vison quest. Honestly, when I embarked on this Odyssey, I was hoping to find Enlightenment along the way. In a way, I already have, although I think there’s more. Some of the decisions I was facing at home have fallen into perspective and the petty concerns have all but faded away. Sometimes, we just need a reality check to prioritize our lives. I know this may sound cliché, but when I am in the mountains, surrounded by God’s majestic creation, my mind seems to clarify. 

Truly, I am a different person than I was when I departed Detroit 12 days ago. The people’s lives who have briefly entertwined with mine, overcoming personal fears, and stepping far beyond my comfort zone, have all broadened my perspective-for this, I am thankful and blessed beyond measure.


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