Wolf Creek- Powder Days

Treasure Stoke chairlift…the Alberta face lies directly ahead.

Sorry about the previous post. I hit the wrong button and it sent the post before I was finished… onto better subjects.

I had the rare luxury of sleeping in this morning until 8:30 AM. When I finally awakened for good, I began the arduous process of gather my boarding gear and running equipment checks. Goggles, helmet, backpack, GoPro, batteries, camelbak-all systems were a go. After a hurried breakfast of cereal, we prepared to leave. Mike, Nada, and I dropped Drew and Jace off at a friend’s home and then we were en route to Wolf Creek Ski!

When passing through South Fork, the first surge of adrenaline rushed through my veins. Snow was lightly falling as we began the ascent up the pass and the further up the mountain we climbed, the snowfall and wind increased. By the time we arrived at Wolf Creek, visibility was lessening rapidly.

A view of the Raven chair from the parking lot

After we purchased our lift tickets, we hiked up to the Raven Lift-with service to the western side of the mountain. Mike showed us a neat cutoff through the trees, followed by a drop that I never really mastered. We stayed on Raven for a few runs, then traversed to the Bonanze lift. The trail we took rerouted us down toward the Treasure Stoke chairlift- service to the mid eastern side of the mountain. 

So it was a tad bit chilly at times…this is Exhibition Ridge viewed from the Treasure lift landing

Allow me to describe the conditions here briefly. At times, the visibility was less than 60 feet with high winds and heavy snowfall. By the time we would make a run down and return to the top, our tracks would be reduced to faint outlines in the snow. Truly, I have never seen such powder! It was effortless to float across the surface, the powder flying up in sheets around our boards. I got sidetracked again…

The purple highlighted trails were some of the runs we made today.

The Treasure lift services some of my favorite terrain. Home to steeps, fast groomers, and unparalleled glades, the terrain is quite varied and makes an excellent playground. Today, with the sub par visibility, the three of us stuck together on trails we were comfortable and familiar with . Once we would drop down from the ridge and the howling wind, we could see a bit more clearly. Throughout the day, we had ridden quite a few different trails that spanned the mountain. A few of my favorites were the Patina Glades, Rockin Robin, and Crow’s Nest. The tree riding, as always, was fantastic! 

Around noon, we took a break and ate lunches that consisted of Subway sandwiches and also, in my case, crushed cheezits (the result of a few tumbles). As the day wore on, fatigue set in and taking it easy seemed like a good choice. On the last run of the day, Mike and I raced to the base of Raven and, after narrowly avoiding some skiers, I pulled ahead by a luck alone. A great finish to a great day! 

As we dusted our boards off and pulled icicles out of our gear, I realized how lucky I am to have an aunt and uncle who would take time off to go boarding with me. Just a rather humbling thought…

On our drive back, we picked up the boys and listened to recaps of their days. Snowboards, backpacks, and other gear was removed from the vehicle and set in front of the fire to dry after we arrived back at home. I showered and took a power nap before we all journeyed to Mark’s for chicken pot pie soup, fluffly biscuits, and homemade donuts with coffee. The roaring fire soon lulled the boys into a pre sleep state and Mike and Nada departed for the house, while Alyssa and I made our traditional evening drive to Sonic. It was a low key evening-for which, I am quite grateful. I bid thee all a good night…



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