She strode purposefully across the tarmac toward the halogen illuminated aircraft, the wash from the propeller wrapping her coattails around her. 

Nada and I departed the house at the inhumane hour of 4:30 AM. The traffic was light on the way into Alamosa and before long, we arrived at the airport. There was a brief waiting period and then we (the 4 passengers, including myself) began moving through the security line. I, of course, got the “random” security check that resulted in a full pat down and my bag being rifled through. We began the boarding process which took all of 2 minutes. The aircraft was small but very comfortable, the seats reclining and swiveling according to the passenger’s preference. 

Flying over the East Range was beautiful. The window was rather icy, hence the slight blur.

The sunrise viewed from 15,000 feet was stunning. Mountains and valleys still hid in shadow as the first ray of dawn crept across the plains. As we soared over Blanca and the Crestone Needles, my heart gave a leap. Everything was so beautiful! 

After hitting some very rough air currents, we touched down in Denver. Ah, how I love a familiar airport! The concourses were relatively empty and gathering my suitcase from claim 1 was a rather enjoyable experience.

Knowing the length of my layover in Denver (12.5 hours), I booked a room at the Hyatt Place- a 22 minute drive from the airport. The shuttle arrived in decent time and due to my lack of attention to detail, I ended up taking the Hyatt House shuttle instead. Yes, it was a rare moment in my life. The Hyatt Place sent a shuttle round to collect me and before long I arrived at the correct hotel. Because I had booked online, check-in was a breeze and I soon, I was shown to my second story suite. 

I was rather impressed with my suite and the service.
A hot breakfast was a welcome respite.

After a hearty breakfast, the lack of sleep finally caught up with me and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was sound asleep. My alarm jolted me awake at 4:40 PM and I used the extra time to repack my suitcase and prepare for my upcoming flight. At 5:37 PM, I hurried down to the lobby and checked out of my room. My shuttle driver efficiently loaded my suitcase and soon we were speeding towards DIA. 

Unfortunately, I did not spot the Illuminati or any aliens. Such a disappointment.

Utilizing the curbside check-in for my suitcase, I made quick work of the security lines. The train deposited me at the C concourse and I went in search of a light supper. I decided on the Timberline Grill and sampled their French Onion soup paired with a house salad.

I must sign off now as boarding begins in a few moments. See you in Detroit!


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