My Story

Well, dear friends, here is part of my story. My life’s journey has taken me many strange and wonderful places in my twenty years. Although not all years have been pleasant, I assure you, it has been a life of adventure and yes, joy…Let’s go back a few years.

My father dealt for years with the aftermath of a brain aneurysm and we did not know the extent of the damage that had been done. He died by suicide in July 2013, and we moved to Michigan shortly thereafter.

Then in May 2015, I moved to Colorado to work for a couple of months that soon stretched into a year. During my time in the mountains, I learned much, forged friendships, and gained new perspectives on life. When winter came and the snow fell, I discovered snowboarding. So began my lifelong love of seeking the deep powder- wherever it may fall.

In August 2016, following a cross country road trip with my mum and sister, I moved home to Michigan. Currently, I am a direct care professional at an assisted living home near mid Michigan. In my off days, I snowboard and dream of the next big thing to come.


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